Guided service

We believe that the guide service is in most cases the most important factor to ensure the success of a fly fishing trip. That is the reason because we carefully select the guides with whom we work paying special attention on their experience on the streams and with foreign customers, as well as the knowledge of foreign languages that they have.

We believe that a guide cannot efficiently work with more than two customers at a given time, and you hardly could find a good guide in Patagonia that accept to guide three or more people in a given day. You could, however, contract a trip with lesser guides than the number required to fulfill this condition when you don’t require personal guide assistance to every body in your party.

Non-Guided service

Before describing this service we believe necessary to make clear that is strongly recommended for fishermen with small experience in fly fishing and for those more experienced ones making their first trip to Patagonia, to opt for the fully guided service at least for the very first days of their fishing trip.

We think however that in many cases you don’t need or you cannot afford a guide but you cannot do without the logistic support than a guide represents.

We understand than even if you are proficient fishermen, you usually will need somebody to takes you to the river, grants you access to the fishing places, carries and prepares your lunch, takes care on keeping enough drink to everybody, act as an interpreter when needed and many other little details that you don’t want to sweat. These can be very important, even essential, issues that you would want that somebody else worry about, but you would prefer to avoid paying a personal guide fee. In these cases we can offer you no guided service, which means that you would have somebody that cares of everything that a guide would, except of being in the water with you.